Friday, January 29, 2016




  • The vampire squid can make themselves inside out
  • They have long curly strands that censers when there is predator around causing them to go upside down
  • they have sharp teeth inside   


       The vampire squid has the most amazing defenses.  They make themselves inside out, and they have a long curly tentacle called "sensory filament" on their head. The sensory filament senses when there is a predator around that causes them to turn inside out. They have teeth inside there interior. (National Geographic)        

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Step 1: Notes

  • Miley cyrus has everything a girl could want
  • and everywhere she goes hordes of adoring fans follow
  • she brags about doing drugs and making raunchy gestures on national TV
  • she leads a glamorous life filled whit parties, photo shoots, and expensive clothes  

Step 2: Paraphrase Paragraph
Miley cyrus can get anything she could ask for. She lives a charming life she has lots of parties and gets lots of "photo shoots", she can get the most expensive clothes she can find. Whenever she is out in public, she is  being followed by a mob of Miley Cyrus lovers. Sometimes she shows off by doing drugs and making bad nasty sign on public TV.

Step 1:Notes
  • Miley's crazy behavior is so surprising
  • then there were the video music awards last august, where she had a homeless teen accept her award
  • Many thought that Miley was exploiting the teen for the sake of some tweets.

Step 2: Paraphrase Paragraph
Miley has the worst attitude any one can see. First thing she did wrong was she made a teenager that was homeless and let her get her award in front of national TV. People said that she was using the teen for the reason of some "tweets".